Posted: Apr 20, 2018 9:21 am
by newolder
LucidFlight wrote:
newolder wrote:
LucidFlight wrote:
newolder wrote:If objects weigh less when they get hotter then how come my light bulbs do not rise to the ceiling after I turn them on?

Usually because they are attached to a light fitting. If you unscrew them from the fitting (bare fingers are best for this), they should attempt to rise.

In this case, the light fittings are at the end of short runs of cable and also get hot to the touch of bare fingers (ouch!), so some effect - at least a bend in the cable - should surely occur. :think:

I wonder if it's because they are tied down that they do not rise due to their gravitationally-repelling behaviour. If the same apparatus were set up in a non-surface-bound environment, we might see some results. I recommend a hot air balloon.

I misspoke/wrote - the short lengths of cable hang down from ceiling roses and should not restrict upward motion to much of a degree. An experiment in a hot air ballon sounds great. We'd need lots of batteries and an inverter to make the required AC for the bulbs though - how heavy is a fully charged battery, again. :scratch: :book: