Posted: Apr 20, 2018 10:02 am
by Yaniv
newolder wrote:Mixing classical and relativistic physics is a mistake. Relativistic changes are calculable to high accuracy and do not represent "No change". 3 errors in 1 sentence, let's see how the rest works out...
I searched the literature and found several papers measuring W reduction at increasing T in air.

It's usual to reference and quote sources. Were these changes attributed to evaporation, ionisation or something else?
I have Not seen any paper measuring W does Not change at increasing T as predicted by traditional physics.

Your definition of "traditional physics" is errant and capitalising "Not" in mid sentence is unnecessary.

M Glaser metrologia 1990 published a few papers measuring W reduction at increasing T in air and claims heat convection is responsible for reduction in W. ... /2/008/pdf
The two links below reduced heat convection by insulation and still observed reduction in W at increasing T. ... id=chinaes ... Weight.pdf
Weighing heated metals in vacuum should eliminate heat convection all together and conclude if W changes at increasing T. #ResultsRequired