Posted: Apr 20, 2018 1:22 pm
by newolder
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Is T a measure of particle velocity ?

T is thermodynamic temperature and measured in Kelvin degrees of hotness. Root mean square kinetic energy is a determining factor in thermodynamic temperature and mass behaves relativistically under LHC conditions.

For example, you have W = mg - f(T) such that things weigh less at elevated temperature. At the LHC both m and T increase with speed in such a manner that W (the force required to maintain proton beam circulation) increases as beam energies increase, i.e. opposite to your (falsified) notion.

In my theory T is an atomic and macroscopic property of matter and protons do not have T so this does not falsify my theory.

Ah, you are attempting to use Humpty Dumpty language. In that case can a moderator move this topic to pseudoscience, please? :popcorn: