Posted: Apr 20, 2018 6:47 pm
Thommo wrote:But to be clear, you're saying the Earth has a large net positive charge that would attract all electrons, yes?

So for example, you could test your theory by buying an ordinary compass and seeing if it constantly tries to point downwards.
Yaniv wrote:Classical physics predict weights (W) should NOT change at increasing temperature (T) in vacuum. Relativistic physics predicts W should INCREASE at increasing T in vacuum. My theory predicts W should DECREASE at increasing T in vacuum and can be found here W reduction at increasing T in vacuum disproves conservation of mass and most of the rest of physics. Over the past ten years I contacted thousand of scientists to weigh a heated metal in vacuum and publish the results. I did NOT get the results of the experiment. #Results Required.
laklak wrote:Another future Nobel winner posts first in RatSkep!!

:lol: debunked before breakfas!