Posted: Apr 21, 2018 4:09 am
by Thommo
Yaniv wrote:
Thommo wrote:Ok, so in (ii) at the Earth's surface the force of "gravity" pushes upwards, away from the Earth.

This is also easily tested at home. Drop something. If it hits the floor, then you've just falsified your theory by experiment.

Atoms and nuclei in objects at close proximity to earth are strongly polar and pushed down more strongly than up.

No, according to what you've said the polarisation would go the other way. You say that positive charges repel positive charges, and negative charges are attracted to positive charges.

If the polarisation results in the negative charges being Earth side, this means the positive of the Earth is stronger (at that distance) than the positive of the cosmos. That also means that the positive overall charge of the dielectric atom is more strongly affected by the Earth than the cosmos, meaning that Earth's "gravity" pushes upwards. These are the consequences of the things you linked to.

At this point your disagreement is with yourself.