Posted: Apr 21, 2018 9:30 am
by Thommo
newolder wrote:Note: The field of a dipole is proportional to r-3 as opposed to that of a monopole (e.g. Newtonian gravity field) that goes as r-2, where r is radial separation.

In real physics, yes, of course. In Yaniv's link it appears he contradicts every single part of real physics though. I have not managed to find a single equation that would match what he's written. He clearly isn't willing to commit to Coulomb's law (despite this having numerous and easily available experimental verifications) which means that one cannot derive the inverse cubic approximation.

This is why I'm so puzzled that he insists on this one special disproof of his idea, since it appears that almost literally any physics experiment ever disproves it. If he commits to (for example) Coulomb's law, then instantly he's forced to admit that his "cosmic" and "Earth" repulsions from charges do not result in an inverse square law for apparent "gravity" and if he admits that he thinks Coulomb's law is false then he could just check the experiments for that to see that he's wrong.

The insistence that what's missing is the one true experiment that would validate his conjecture is feeling more and more like evasion of the real evidence that one would look at to actually test a hypothesis.