Posted: May 06, 2018 6:35 pm
by dreamland1119
Thommo wrote:What has been proven, that Einstein was born in March?

Yes, that is true.

Does that "prove" that "the theory of constellation was credible"? No, obviously not.

If you check a list of the greatest scientists of all time, you get, for example (since it's an inherently subjective question, introducing an instant black mark for being scientific or credible): ... cientists/ ... tists.html ... ged-world/ ... tists-time

Those are the first 4 lists produced by google, and here is a breakdown of each scientist that appears and their birth date, with star sign and element:

Marie Curie born 7 November 1867 Scorpio - water
Alan Turing born 23 June 1912 Cancer - water
Niels Bohr born 7 October 1885 Libra - air
Max Planck born 23 April 1858 Taurus – earth
Charles Darwin born 12 February 1809 Aquarius - air
Leonardo da Vinci born 15 April 1452 Aries - fire
Galileo Galilei born 15 February 1564 Aquarius – air
Nikola Tesla born 10 July 1856 Cancer – water
Albert Einstein born 14 March 1879 Pisces - water
Isaac Newton born 4 January 1643 Capricorn – earth
Louis Pasteur born December 27, 1822 Capricorn - earth
Otto Hahn born 8 March 1879 Pisces - water
James Clerk Maxwell born 13 June 1831 Gemini - air
Aristotle born 384 BC N/A
Michael Faraday born 22 September 1791 Virgo - earth
Alexander Fleming born 6 August 1881 Leo - fire
Dmitri Mendeleev born 8 February 1834 Aquarius - air
Archimedes born c 287 BC N/A
Thomas Alva Edison born February 11, 1847 Aquarius - air

Totting those up you get 5 water, 6 air, 4 earth, 2 fire, which is completely random and shows no significant bias whatsoever towards water signs.

I understand, but the amount of data is too large for them to count!
So extract the best example, this is the statistical method

Thanks for the webpage provided, I must read it carefully