Posted: Jun 10, 2018 6:39 am
by dreamland1119
There are many versions for the downfall of Soviet Union, such as ossified system, planned economy, intensified internal contradictions and unrealistic Utopia. All these come down to a series of national wrong decisions instead of the source of the problems.

That is, why did the country make wrong decisions?

Russia has been known to many for its sturdiness, but few get to see the superstition of Russians beyond your imagination. Spirit medium boasts a market of 30 billion USD in Russia.

Folk: 1/5 people once visited the “Psychics”. In Russia, there are around 10,0000 Psychics workers. According to the statistics of Sreda in 2013, 63% population believed in astrology. The variety show Battle of Psychics turns out to be the most popular spirit medium reality show. Since its release, it remains this way for 10 yeas consecutively. Every serial will attract 4 million audiences. Similar TV shows emerge one after another, including spirit medium TV station TV-3 covering mysterious history, spirit medium news and interviews, etc.

Government: in 1999, Eduard Kruglyakov, member of National Academy of Sciences of Russia, pointed out that “there is spirit medium working in every safety mechanism”. And Boris Yeltsin was one of the superstitionists in super nature.

History: at the end of the Russian empire, evil monk Rasputin (see Fig. below) won the trust of the Russian Tsar. In 1914, he controlled the power, and within two years, Rasputin replaced 4 chairmen of cabinet meeting, 6 secretaries of State for internal affairs, 4 secretaries of State for war, 3 secretaries of State for foreign affairs and 4 secretaries of State for justice.
Rasputin enjoyed collecting the hair of virgins with whom he had sexual intercourse. In 1977, when the city government of Leningrad was demolishing the building he had lived once, many cases with women’s hairs in them were discovered. In addition, he went around to pollute royal maids, and also word came that he even had an affair with the queen.

After restoring the reputation to the Tsar, the prince Yusupov took the lead in assassinating Rasputin by using his beautiful wife princess Irina as a bait to induce Rasputin to come into the palace and then killed him.

Apart from the ordinary people, the central governments in history were also superstitious with witchcraft. But who could expect that the previously glorious Soviet Union was controlled by mysticism, namely astrology

Soviet Union was not as what we knew. Many people were familiar with the star war plan of Soviet Union, but they did not know its supernatural research plan. Unlike Nazi Germany, Soviet Union took metaphysics as scientific research and promoted in the science media of various countries in public, which angered the scientists all over the world. In 1975, at the time of the original publication of The Roots of Consciousness, over 180 leading scientists -- including eighteen Nobel Prize winners -- signed a public letter proclaiming that astrology made invalid and unsupportable scientific claims

Going through the birth diagram of successive leaders of Soviet Union, it can be surprisingly found that the reason for them to be leaders lied in their birthday (see Fig. below) instead of their capacity. Until 1982 after the death of Lenin, the birthday of 3 leaders in the 45 years showed fire signs approaching earth signs, and they were not pure fire signs but fire-earth signs. What was the probability of this? 1/45*45=1/2025. This did not see any change until the end of Soviet Union in 1982.
Notes: 1/45 probability comes from removing the Leo (in astrology, the character of Leo does not possess subjective control, so they belong to the group of passive thinking) with the birthdays approaching earth signs; the probability *45 is because the gap for the term of 3 leaders at the end of Soviet Union is almost 1 year.

Other national leaders in the Soviet Union camp were basically fire signs, including North Korea, Cuba, Poland, etc. If not, it was out of special circumstances. For example, at the primary stage of New China, the Sino-Soviet Union relationship was extremely unstable with intensified contradictions that even led to military conflicts at the borders, visit of Nixon to China, and establishment of diplomatic relations between China and America. Until the leader showed fire signs (08.22), the Sino-Soviet Union relationship became stable. The following 3 leaders (08.30, 08.17, 12.21) also showed fire signs until 2013.

Three problems out of appointing leaders with obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD)

1.There were straight A and straight D students in a middle school class in a probability of 1/2025. Most possibly, if a person could not be found in the top 100 elites in Soviet Union, the national leader had to be cultivated and selected from the low level cadres, simply to meet the standard of Lenin in his birth diagram, then the result of which tends to be that the fate of the country would be handed over to the management of straight D student.
Notes: in astrology, the thinking patterns of constellation sign in the same zodiac had the same features. The controllers thought that if the leader had the same constellation sign and zodiac with Lenin, then he would inherit the spirit and will of Lenin; if the birthday was at the end of birth diagram approaching the earth signs, the thinking would perfectly fit Lenin’s.

2. There emerged contradictions among all domestic and foreign camps, just like the Microsoft who monopolized the global PC system compulsively appointed the chairman of many giant companies according to the birth diagram, including Google, Dell, Facebook, NVIDIA, Intel, etc. The class of domestic elites resisted to the supreme power for many years while foreign alliances started to get rid of Soviet Union for detachment.

3. The talents for fire signs in astrology were culture and art, most unsuitable for political leaders (apart from Leo, the most politically talented was opposite constellation of fire signs). But Soviet Union willfully chose fire signs as leader, and removed the Leo, the only one in fire signs with political talent.

It remains the permanent pain for Russians to lose the past glory because of the disintegration of Soviet Union. Then who was the manipulator behind? Was the replacement of secretaries for Tsar by Rasputin in a similar manner with Soviet Union?