Posted: Jun 10, 2010 6:37 pm
by Paul G
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote:
gilthanass wrote:
Since you claim that it is the succession that confers magical properties on water (and not just the dilution, since that would mean water has a memory of everything on earth), design a way to distinguish between this group of test subjects (in any way you can think of, it can be a randomized controlled clinical trial, it can be chemical analysis, it can be a divining rod for all I care)

1) plain old water
2) water diluted (with an additive) to 30C without succession
3) water diluted (with an additive) to 30C with appropriate succession (I leave that up to you to determine what is appropriate)
4) water diluted (with an additive) to 30C with inappropriate succession

What purpose does it serves to distinguish water from water?

Self ownage.