Posted: Jun 10, 2010 6:55 pm
by Dr. Nancy Malik
Darkchilde wrote:
So, you have no way of checking whether a homeopathic whatever it is, is made according to specifications.

Since you ahve no idea how to check for succussions or for numerical potencies, then your medicine either does not work or is dangerous. Since we know, that people have "overdosed" on homeopathic stuff, in the 10:23 campaign, we know that your homeopathic stuff is just plain old water with nothing in it. Otherwise people would have been rushed to the hospital in that campaign.

As a practitioner of homeopathy medicine, I have no idea to check for no. of succusions. May be manufacturers knew it.

On one side you are saying homeopathy medicines are plain water. Then you are saying homeopathy medicines are dangerous. How both?