Posted: Jun 10, 2010 7:26 pm
by stijndeloose
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote:
Dudely wrote:Would it be accurate then to say that you should be able to look at the body and see a stimulated homeostatic mechanism or that the body's response to disease/illness is greater after taking a homeopathic remedy? Would this be a good way of validating whether it is working or not?

Let me give you an example

Think of your body as your internal temperature gauge. If you go outside and it is very hot, your body will recognize it is too hot and begin to perspire. Your homeostatic mechanism is producing a symptom - perspiration - in an effort to cool down the body. If you go outside and it is very cold, the symptom is shivering. Your homeostatic mechanism is trying to warm the body up by shivering to produce heat.

Think about the last time you were shivering. You could not control it, and you did not stop until you were warm. It is the same way with homeopathic medicines. If you are ill and your body is showing symptoms, the symptoms will not disappear until the source of the symptoms has disappeared.

Again, you didn't answer Dr. Dudely's question.