Posted: Feb 07, 2019 5:04 pm
by Macdoc
If you understand something well enough, you can explain it in a simple way. Can you not admit science has its flaws? Is science perfect in your view?
I thought the first thing scientists do, is to admit ignorance, and how flawed everything is.

Science is not a noun's a are the one that is flawed and without the merest hint of understanding.
The body of work that encompasses scientific understanding of the universe we inhabit is a result applying scientific method and that body of work changes daily in a torrent you haven't the faintest glimpse of

EVERY scientist understands that on new evidence theories change.

And NO .....much about our universe cannot be explained simply especially to those like you who are too lazy to do the work to at least gain a basic understanding of the principles involved. :nono:

For you science is just as opaque as magic and as incomprehensible's not the case for all of us.