Posted: Feb 07, 2019 11:50 pm
by Hermit
TopCat wrote:I can't read this thread any more, I can feel my IQ falling in real time. And I can't spare a single point.

Without engaging in your hyperbole, I don't think highly of this thread either. Bogdan9310 seems incapable of developing a train of thought. A train of thought requires some kind of locomotive. There is none. What we have here instead, is a number of random wagons, each placed in arbitrary locations on various tracks, and going nowhere. No wonder this thread resembles a train wreck. Still, most of us can't help but doing a bit of rubbernecking when we see an accident, and I am part of that majority, so I keep peeking into it. I don't expect to discover anything useful emerging from Bogdan9310 - his fractured way of thinking simply makes that impossible - but he is sort of, kind of entertaining in the aforementioned train wreck way, at least for a while.