Posted: Feb 08, 2019 5:47 pm
by bogdan9310
Ok, let's try to prove it without the link.

Galileo Galilei had a series of specific tests that would let experimenters confirm his laws with their own senses, he believed that independent confirmation is the ultimate way of verifying facts.

Now, I want you to engage in a thought experiment, you can stop and think at each point.

Take a moment to think about a good memory, stop reading, and when you are ready, read the next part. Chances are that you imagine a scene from your life as vividly as if you were there, right? Now jump inside the picture, move yourself around and see it from different angles, see the colors become more vivid, now distance yourself and see the whole picture. Get close again and focus on your favorite part.

You are now under control, and can shape things the way you want to. Now imagine a lever that says “Control”, now grab it and slowly start moving it. Actually imagine doing it, now as you turn the lever, make the image feel more real, colors get brighter, you start to notice sounds and if you wish, you can make them louder of softer, or you can stop them altogether.

This is called anchoring, you take a sensation and associate it with a trigger, in this case the lever. Now whenever you wish, you can pull the lever again and re-trigger that feeling and memory if you want to. You could use anything as a trigger: a word, sound, situation etc.

Even if the content remains the same, when you change the quality of the picture, its size, brightness, distance, and color, your whole experience changes.