Posted: Feb 08, 2019 6:55 pm
by I'm With Stupid
Derren Brown is an expert in NLP, and he basically says its bollocks (along with subliminal messages and the body language reading stuff he does), and all of the 'techniques' he uses in his shows are actually good old-fashioned magic tricks. Ironically, that doesn't stop the NLP crowd from using his videos as evidence that it works.

When it's some company trying to teach their sales staff to sell more holidays are whatever, I don't really care. But when it starts getting involved in education, it's a bit more problematic. Education seems to be a sector that is rife with pseudoscience. There are still people who believe the left-brain, right-brain thing, learning styles, we only use 10% of the brain, and of course NLP. And not just some fringe group. There are still industry magazines to this day publishing articles suggesting NLP as an effective teaching technique. And that's one of the key indicators that something is bullshit, because it claims to be able to do everything. NLP claims to be able to help you learn a language, quit smoking, get over phobias, beat depression, sell products, and cure learning disorders. Like homeopathy, the thing that does absolutely nothing can claim to do everything.