Posted: Feb 09, 2019 2:34 pm
by BlackBart
You are not even trying to see my point. I provided you with proof, and you refuse to see it.

Ignoring the baggage associated with the word 'proof', you haven't provided any proof at all, you've merely claimed stuff.
Learn the difference between making a claim and providing evidence that supports that claim.

What more can I do?

Provide some robust evidence.

You need to look into it yourself

No, we don't. Look up burden of proof

and stop waiting for someone else to prove something for you.

Two lines ago you claimed you had provided proof. Now we have find it for ourselves. You're not being coherent at this point.

I get you are not used to doing this, but you have to think.

And you need to get used to the Forum User Agreement vis-a-vis personal attacks.

Independent confirmation is the ultimate proof

Wrong. The plural of anecdote is not data.

if you don't want to think, that's not on me.

The problem for you is, there actually is a lot of thinking going on here.