Posted: Feb 09, 2019 5:03 pm
by Fallible
bogdan9310 wrote:I copy/pasted from the website because I wrote it.

I know that.

You are not even trying to see my point.

I decline the invitation to put effort into engaging with a lump of text pre-written by you and simply copy-pasted here.

I provided you with proof, and you refuse to see it.

You didn't provide proof.

What more can I do?

You can learn what the word means.

You need to look into it yourself, and stop waiting for someone else to prove something for you.

I need do nothing. If you come here with a claim, it is incumbent on you to provide support for it. You want us to accept something, we don't care either way. It's on you.

I get you are not used to doing this, but you have to think.

Here is another good example of why talking with you seems rather fruitless. You don't 'get' any such thing. You have neither met nor spoken with me. You have literally no idea what I am used to doing. Yet you feel comfortable to casually fabricate nonsense about my thinking experience. Someone who so nonchalantly makes things up is not worth my time.

Independent confirmation is the ultimate proof, if you don't want to think, that's not on me.

You don't appear to know what words mean. Come back when you do and wave your penie about.