Posted: Feb 09, 2019 6:35 pm
by SafeAsMilk
bogdan9310 wrote:I copy/pasted from the website because I wrote it.
You are not even trying to see my point.

I am, you're just failing at making it. It isn't everyone else's fault that you can't make your point.

I provided you with proof, and you refuse to see it.

You promised a hot fudge sundae, delivered a piece of lint, and are now blaming me because I've pointed out that it isn't a hot fudge sundae. You're either blinded by your own bullshit, or you're trolling.

What more can I do?

Provide what you're actually claiming you can provide, for a start.

You need to look into it yourself, and stop waiting for someone else to prove something for you.

Translation: "I've got nothing, but look into this thing I want you to be convinced about anyway." Nathanks. If it's as lame as your explanation, I'm all set.

I get you are not used to doing this, but you have to think.

This is hilarious considering the complete lack of thought in your posts. I know you're enthralled by your mindless drivel, but don't get pissy when others aren't so impressed.

Independent confirmation is the ultimate proof, if you don't want to think I can't actually make my point, that's not on me.