Posted: Feb 10, 2019 10:36 am
by Thommo
bogdan9310 wrote:
Explain where you have sourced your material. Engage with constructive disagreement. Acknowledge some of the errors that are plainly present.

I made it up, and I've put a lot of work into it too.

I wasn't asking a question. All of those were answers to your question "What more can I do?". You were upset that someone called out your plaigarism, I was explaining how that could have been avoided.

bogdan9310 wrote:I don't have other evidence, because I'm not rich, and can't hire scientists to prove it for me.

Even if you were rich you couldn't hire scientists to prove it for you. That isn't how science works.

bogdan9310 wrote:Work with what you have, and if not, that's fine. But don't shoot a potential good idea to the bin just because you can't understand it.

I do understand it. It doesn't work.

bogdan9310 wrote:And again, independent confirmation is the ultimate proof, and I provide you with the tools to check it out for yourselves.

Why do you think I didn't try independent confirmation or disconfirmation? I tested your "memory is more vivid than experience" claim - it's patently 100% false. You too can test this, I already gave you an example of how you could.

I backed this up by scoping out a few abstracts of the scientific literature into NLP. Turns out it's pseudoscientific bollocks.