Posted: Feb 10, 2019 11:43 am
by Thommo
bogdan9310 wrote:From my point of view, you are just trolling me. No chance I can make you treat this seriously...

Really? You actually think that I didn't try something as hard as "Take a moment to think about a good memory, stop reading, and when you are ready, read the next part".

Well, you're obviously wrong, this is not a hard thing to do. Anyone, even you, can see that remembering something good is very easy. It's also obviously wrong that when recalling a good memory it is more vivid than real life. If you imagine a moment of, let's say joy or laughter at reading a book, you don't burst out laughing more intently. If you remember losing your virginity you don't suddenly lose control in orgasmic delight. If you think of something quantifiable like a favourite book you can't remember every word on every page.

It is total, and obvious, nonsense to say that memories are more vivid than life, you lose almost everything that makes an experience vivid and hold on to a mere fragment. Saying so is not trolling.

But I suspect you already know all that perfectly well.