Posted: Jun 11, 2010 6:44 am
by Mr P
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote:
Moridin wrote:Dr. Nancy Malik, please define, in your own words, the concept of "entanglement", "Semiotic", and "EPR paradox". No cheating.

Macro-Entanglement between Patient, Practitioner and remedy (PPR)
Entanglement means non-local.

Remedy interacts with prover (human) to produce symptoms. Prover can not be removed from the relationship equation.They are entangled (linked) to each other.

analogy: in a modulated signal, message signal and carrier signal are entangled.

Entanglement ensures one will affect the other

Homeopath practitioner acts as the mirror of the patient with the aim of leading to/providing curative remedy for the patient.

I'd like to dwell on the quantum issue if I may.

How is the entanglement between doctor and patient established?

How are multiple systems of entanglement established?

How are these non-local relationships maintained in light of decoherence? (remember we're dealing with an increase in entropy at this point).