Posted: Jun 09, 2019 10:22 pm
by zerne
I disagree. The opening statement, "Experiment to test W=mg", is perfectly coherent and scientific. Certainly enough to get me reading it. I sort of expected a youtube video demonstrating how it's derived with experiment, explanation and demonstration. With little history thrown in perhaps. Bit of humour maybe. Such things are not unknown after all.

What was provided by the OP was novel, brave, and other such euphemisms we use when trying to be polite about an incoherent mess of clumsily applied terms being used in an ungodly manner. It was then questioned, compared to results and quickly categorised as pseudoscience and then moved there. The thread itself was was discovered, interrogated and classified all with reference to science.

I had a few questions at the start, they've all been answered. Even the OPs political bias. All nicely resolved. :grin: