Posted: Jun 11, 2010 7:54 pm
by natselrox
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Police are advising the public and in particular the vulnerable or elderly, about telephone calls which are being received from a private company asking if the patient was on medication. The caller stated that he was 'undertaking a Government survey' and said that 'doctors prescribed too many medicines', he also said that the 'Government felt too much is spent on prescriptions'.
The caller said that the Government wanted to encourage the take up of homeopathic medicine, however he said that the patient should not discuss the call with their GP as GPs don't approve of the use of homeopathic medicines.
He also said that a consultant would ring every 20 days to check how the patient was getting on with the homeopathic medicine. The cost of these medicines is approximately £30 a day.
Other similar calls offering homeopathic medicines for sale have been received by elderly residents in Lincolnshire and people should ensure their friends and relatives are aware of this.
Detective Sergeant Ian Jarman, Head of Lincolnshire Police Economic Crime Unit states that "people should be aware of these callers, as the Government is not undertaking any survey and patients should not alter any of their medications without consultation with their GP. Clearly if people wish to use complementary medicines, this should be based on individual choice and not pressurised by telephone sales."