Posted: Oct 08, 2019 10:42 pm
by Cito di Pense
Hermit wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:
Observation comes first. Understanding cannot come first. Understanding comes as a result of meticulous, methodological observation.

Indeed. Where do you think this sentence places observation?
Hermit wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:What makes science science is the process of making broad generalisations from specific observations.

You're a fine one to be instructing us on how to parse a sentence. Remember, you wrote this:

Hermit wrote:Our belief renders a mechanism that makes the occurrence of the event plausible irrelevant.

Then you harried me because you claim I missed your point, which you're still trying to make:

Hermit wrote:
That's because you skated past some important bits.

You claim you wrote some important bits, objecting because somebody didn't care about the "mechanism". It's not mechanical, and that's the error that ginkgo introduced. Now everybody is chasing it.