Posted: Oct 11, 2019 10:19 am
by zoon
ZoonoTIKK wrote:Also, I'm due in for a vestibular neuectromy tomorrow, where I'm having my vestibular system taken out so Reuben's study has caused be to be very anxious about the surgery which is why I created this thread to debunk this findings and claims.

This person's answer on Quora also summarized the mouse study and includes diagrams ... lai-Kamala ... Z9WNEZKiUn

I hope the surgery goes well.

Only from googling, vestibular neurectomy seems to have been a standard operation for many years, and I haven't found any suggestion that it leads to breathing complications for the human patients. Animal experiments may well have been more drastic, for example, exposing them to high levels of CO2. As scott1328 says, your physician and surgeon will have far more informed advice.