Posted: Jun 12, 2010 11:46 am
by Dr. Nancy Malik
Dudely wrote:Indeed. I understand perfectly where you are coming from. Your explanation was not needed. I am asking if the effect of stimulating the homeostatic mechanism can be observed upon successful delivering of homeopathic medicines.

It is my thought that, just as the immune system can be observed, if it exists and is a valid theory, the homeostatic mechanism can be observed as well. If so, it stands to reason that its stimulation by homeopathic medicines can also be observed, validating homeopathy as we know it (and earning you a cool 1 million from James Randi).

Homeopathic medicine’s main action is through taste buds, esophageal canal, stomach and intestine (part of immune system), and in response to antigenic attack on body very specific antibodies are released which destroys the antigenicity of the organisms and there is no drug resistance as such, because own defense systems comes into action each time there is an attack of organisms.