Posted: Jun 12, 2010 12:17 pm
by Shrunk
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote: If a person were to walk out of their house to the town centre and witness someone having their bag snatched or witness a car accident, then when they relay this information to the Police or to their friends and family, it is anecdotal evidence.

It is convincing evidence that that incident occurred on that single instance. It does not demonstrate that every time someone walks in that same area they will be robbed or witness a car accident.

If someone takes a homeopathic medication and feels better, it is proof that that single person felt better after taking that single homeopathic preparation on that one occasion. It does not in any way demonstrate that the homeopathic medication operated in any specific way to actually treat the person's disease.

This is really basic stuff. To think that you can actually get a degree with such an abysmal understanding of the scientific method and the nature of evidence is, frankly, shocking.