Posted: Jun 12, 2010 12:21 pm
by Shrunk
TMB wrote: Your extrapolation is ridiculous. Consider how much faith pateints have in medicine of any form. Doctors diagnose and prescribe and patients mostly have no idea whatever of what anything means. I have questioned medical people enough times to get them to change their minds and approach simply because they too accept what they are given as medical protocols without question. What I will say is that your belief in Neptune is certainly based upon what you have been told. This does not make it wrong, it just means you are not qualified on the reality of Neptune, unless you understand the methods, the primary data etc. You might retort that it is impossible for people to know all of this, and I would agree, but it still means that they are then not qualified. Take the recent view that Neanderthals interbred with Cro Magnon, this revelation changes the previous held view that said they went extinct and did not interbreed. Did you believe both therories although different, and I imagine you took expert opinions at face value without questioning them. No issue with that, it just means you need to belive what people tell you without question.

No, it means I believe people based on the evidence they can provide to support their position. Sure, there's always the possibility the evidence was faked or misconstrued. But discounting that possibility, the evidence can be taken on its merits. And there's nothing wrong with a patient asking a doctor to provide the evidence for a treatment that is being recommended. In fact, I would encourage that.

The situation WRT to homeopathy is that good, reliable evidence exists, and demonstrates that it does not work.