Posted: Jun 12, 2010 4:56 pm
by Dudely
I don't think you guys understand. The hand waving and the talk about subjectivity towards evidence misses the point COMPLETELY.

Homeopathy is said to have an effect. If it indeed has an effect then that means it has a cause. If it has a cause this can be found through study. No "external/objective and internal/subjective categories" bullshit. Just hard-up causes and effects. THAT is science, and that is why people have such a problem with stuff like homeopathy- it's a medicine with NO study of its causes (because none can be found) and very little testing.

Hey guys, I've got some crazy chemical cocktail I brewed in my fucking sink last night. Some guy down the road whiffed it and felt better so it can cure fucking cancer. Here, I'll give you some for 50 bucks. Sound like a good idea?