Posted: Jun 13, 2010 1:53 pm
by TMB
Dudely wrote:
TMB wrote:
I am not in a position to comment about homeopathy in terms of how it works etc, except for the fact that it works for me and my family and has done many times. You might ascribe this to placebo, and perhaps you are correct, but thats just anecdotal to.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. You are denying huge mounds of studies that show it to be placebos. these are NOT anecdotal.

What you are doing to your family amounts to taking an experimental or unproven drug (like homeopathy) instead of a safe, well tested drug (95% of all medicine) because science is sometimes wrong. Wow.

P.S.- Just because you don't like doctors or they sometimes get things wrong doesn't give you the right to play Russian roulette with your family's health.

Note that I was referring to the specifics of my own experience with homeopathy and then saying that if indeed its effectiveness was put down to being the placebo effect upon my family, that given its just my family, this is anecdotal. If you want to apply strict rigour you can hardly acept that the effects were due to placebo. I am well aware of the studies around placebo effect, just suggesting that to apply to my case is anecdotal.

You might also want to read some of my previous posts before you jump to conclusions about how I treat my family health. I use any medical system that works. I dont like the side effects of allopathy, but use them when I think they are appropriate. Likewise with alternative therapies. If they work, I use them. I have been placed in scenarios and presented with some stark choices with my family and chosen allopathy in some cases, alternative in others. Perhaps these have not been thr right decisions whn I have chosen allopathy, but I hav had some excellent outcomes from alternatives, and even managed to get allopaths to change their perspective.

And I am not fucking kiding you.