Posted: Jul 13, 2020 7:00 pm
by JustStarDust
This guy has some very interesting theories. He's crude, swears a lot. I hate him, I love him.

I've known of this guy for ages, since the Stickam days. He has another channel which discusses human life in general, but I won't go there in this thread.
I do not totally understand every theory he presents, and I'm not trying to say 'believe him' blah blah blah. So why am I even posting this? Idk, delete it if you want. Why do anything?

His main theory is that the double slit experiment is wrong, and most of our current physics beliefs, are wrong. He wants to find out the truth and win a Nobel peace prize. People keep telling him that everything has been proven, and he's just a dumb ass or whatever. And maybe he is.

There's a huge list of stuff that physacitits haven't figured out yet. Maybe, he can. Maybe he can't, but he can try. ... in_physics