Posted: Jul 17, 2020 1:27 am
by SafeAsMilk
JustStarDust wrote:Yes, believe it or not, people interpret things differently.

Yes and, believe it or not, people's interpretations can be objectively wrong.

You just want me to do your homework or something?

You're making the claim that this guy is worth anyone's time. It's your burden of proof, do your homework and show it. Pointing to a video and drooling does not make your case.

He has a blackboard for a reason.

That's what you claim, anyway. What you show, however...

How much have you watched so far? Do I really have to repeat what he says & risk getting it wrong?

If you don't even understand it well enough to get it right, then why are you spending so much of your energy promoting it?

If you have an interest in physics then you might be able to interpret what he says, better then I can.

Why don't you get familiar with physics first so you don't have to rot your brain with this crap?

But I can only doubt that you've listened or seen his beliefs, theories, etc. Not that it means much. Geez, chill out mang.

You don't have to listen to every fuckwit on youtube that claims they have the answers. They're dime a dozen and they've got people like you shilling for them. No thanks, I'll stick to the actual science with results behind it.