Posted: Jul 17, 2020 11:01 am
by Blackadder
JustStarDust wrote:Are you suggesting that someone in the forum, make a YouTube channel, and lie or misguide people for money?

No I'm not suggesting that Laklak do that.

JustStarDust wrote: (I know you're not really, but your comment could be seen as that

Only by someone who doesn't understand humour.

JustStarDust wrote: But I'll give you the benefit of the doubt,

Gee thanks.

JustStarDust wrote: as I can only assume that you've never lied, or misguided people of anything.

I've never lied or misguided people in order to cheat them out of their money, no.

JustStarDust wrote:But, if certain things are proven to be true - you wont even acknowledge it, ignore the science, and continue to misrepresent things based on very old accusations.)

I have no idea what this word salad means. If you are claiming that I dismiss genuine scientific evidence and continue to believe something that is manifestly wrong, you don't know me. Those forum members who have been around here longer than five minutes and know my posting history would confirm how far from reality that caricature is.

JustStarDust wrote:Plus it's hard to take you seriously when I know Black adder, TV show is a comedy. 'Laughter is the best medicine' as they say.

Well done for knowing it's a comedy. You may not know that sarcasm is a central element of its comedy and is something I use frequently. If you did know this fact, then you would not have needed to ask your first question.

And laughter is not the best medicine. The best medicine is found in medical facilities. Laughter is however a very effective weapon against hypocrisy, logical absurdities and evidence-free guff.