Posted: Jul 22, 2020 10:14 am
by Hermit
JustStarDust wrote:IE, 'General Debunking'. Ok sure. That section is for information on how to generally debunk someone. Even if that name or topic, is actually 'generally debunking' something else. Moderators can move topics all they want. They're the 'judges' here. I post a thing about space science - it gets moved to pseudo science, leading me to assume that, you didn't do any watching or reading? Oh well. That's how this forum 'works'.

This thread has been moved into the right section. The channel you linked a clip from is pure pseudoscience. I am utterly unsurprised that you ignored this:
DevEO wrote:...he doesn't show a SINGLE mathematical derivation from start to finish. He says outright that math is "trivial" and is for minions.