Posted: Jul 22, 2020 7:13 pm
by JustStarDust
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SuspiciousObservers, was the channel about space science. How was his information, pseudoscience? All he does is report space science.

There is no "SuspiciousObservers" because that topic's pseudo-title is Suspicious0bservers, where O (cap. o) is replaced with 0 (the symbol for zero).
DraftScience, is different.

The daftness is clear.

Did you see the video where he talks about this forum? Not that it matters too much.

No, I did not see that video. If it matters that much, I'll keep it that way. :thumbup: ... 56726.html

I don't see how "suspicious0bservers" content, is "pseudoscience". If you honestly believe that, then are you also saying that the data he gets from NASA, etc, is pseudoscience?

Where did I say that the content is pseudoscience? From what I recall of that video it wibbled about the recent history of Solar activity and some of its impacts on the Earth. I don't recall any scientific content though but that's not the subject matter of this topic. [/off topic]

I was just asking why it was moved. Not directly to you. Sorry for being confusing. 'Wibbled'? Strange. The other videos discuss more science and data readings - pretty important stuff imo. It might be a good thing is a CME took out all electronics on Earth (no no, that would be horrible).

Here's the video that mentions the forum. Don't take it personal. DraftScience is just a little bit jaded after all of the hell he's been through. He's as 'tough as nails', and I tend to see some similarity between some users here and DS.