Posted: Oct 17, 2022 4:25 pm
by The_Metatron
I just read somewhere this morning there are only six states here that don’t have a state lottery. Utah, Alaska, Hawaii, and I can’t remember the others.

I’ve never, ever bought a lottery ticket!

It took me an entire evening of playing a roulette wheel while pretty girls kept bringing gin and tonics to lose my original twenty buck stake, and I left. I’ve spent twenties more foolishly than that evening. I’ve polished enough coins in slot machines in NCO clubs in Korea to blacken my fingers before I learned their lesson: you won’t lose much, but you will lose. Which is foundational to the idea of gambling, I think. You won’t lose much, but you will lose. The institutions (casinos, lottery commissions, etc) wouldn’t and couldn’t exist if it were any other way.