Posted: Jan 14, 2023 4:48 pm
by BWE
pfrankinstein wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:
pfrankinstein wrote:
Good enough to teach a child.

It does make sense that you'd work to attain the level of understanding of a child.

Keep trying; you'll get there one day.

While you've got that dictionary out: look up 'equivocation'.

In logic, equivocation ("calling two different things by the same name") is an informal fallacy resulting from the use of a particular word/expression in multiple senses within an argument.

It is a type of ambiguity that stems from a phrase having two or more distinct meanings, not from the grammar or structure of the sentence.

So says the man who who treats NS as a metophor when in fact it is a calculation made by nature.


Well, if you are a bot, at least you made a good foil for a mildly interesting discussion that almost rose to the level of argument. It was good for a while anyway.