Posted: Jan 15, 2023 12:14 pm
by Spearthrower
pfrankinstein wrote:
Spearthrower wrote:Make this easy:

Provide a single instance of me saying evolution isn't a process.

I've alerted the mods to your incessant lies, so here's your opportunity to prove that you are not lying.

I've already provided a dozen instances proving you wrong, proving that I have never said evolution isn't a process, proving that you keep writing this lie then ignoring when people challenge you on it.

So over to you: provide justification for your claim about my position from this thread, or acknowledge that it's a fucking lie.

Difficult to tell what you believe to be fact. You chop and change.

One minute Evolution is biological evolution , the next evolution is a process.

There it is again moderators.

Clearly the guy cannot do anything but troll. ... l#p2794586

Spearthrower wrote:...your repetitive lying is confusing you.

For example, you keep on wittering on about 'process' as if I've said evolution isn't a process, despite me actively challenging you dozens of times to provide a single instance of me saying otherwise.

Again, because this is how the universe actually works, I can provide direct quotations from this thread showing that you are fucking lying again. ... s#p2785391

Spearthrower wrote:A hair doesn't evolve over time, Paul. It grows.
A hairstyle, however, does evolve over time, Paul.
That's because the word 'evolve' means 'to develop gradually', Paul.
We wouldn't say the hair evolves, Paul, because it just grows in dimension.
But, Paul, we would say that the hairstyle evolves because it changes in many and more complex ways.
What we definitely wouldn't do, Paul, is to say that a hairstyle evolves in a manner equivalent to that involved with natural selection, Paul, or pretend, Paul, that just because the word 'evolve' is used that it also has to mean that all aspects of the term used in Biology - shorthand for a process involving inheritance and differential survival statistically measured over generations of living organisms - also just get ignorantly transferred across as if anyone with half a brain, Paul, actually thinks that's logical, Paul. Like words, Paul, are fucking magic, or something. ... s#p2785633

Evolution is how biology has come to be - look around at anything biological today, and the process by which it came to be like that is evolution. ... s#p2785431 ... s#p2778912 ... s#p2779773 ... s#p2780033 ... s#p2780433 ... s#p2781133 ... s#p1336229 ... s#p1336119 ... s#p1336084 ... s#p1337088 ... s#p1336583 ... s#p2777278

So why are you lying about what I said TO ME?

Are you that egotistical that you think you can somehow oblige me to believe that I didn't say what I clearly did, but instead said something you keep lying about?

Put up or shut your lying trap, Paul. Provide a single instance of me denying that evolution is a process: OF COURSE IT"S A FUCKING PROCESS, you total dingbat! Evolution, being change over time, necessarily involves a process, i.e. a sequence of events over time... it's like arguing with a 3 year old.

I've shown so many instances of your lying now - it's time you start owning this. If you can't change your behavior, why do you expect others to change their response to you?

Same input - same output.

Repeat these baseless lies again about me, and I will reference these to the moderators - you more than deserve it, despite everyone here giving you ample chances to engage with some basic fucking honesty.