Posted: Feb 01, 2023 7:06 pm
by pfrankinstein
THWOTH wrote:
pfrankinstein wrote:Cambridge Digital Library

Darwin began on page 5, but quickly crossed through the short passage he had written. He turned over the page and replaced it with a new page 5. However, that new start occasioned a historic change and crystallisation of Darwin's scientific language. For, in the first paragraph on p. 5, he used the circumlocution "means of selection," which he then extended to the fairly long phrase "natural" means of selection. But on the new page 5, he began a new section with a new heading, and as far as is known, it was at this moment that Darwin coined a new scientific term: "natural selection."


A monumental moment would be to say something intelligent about "all" species and have it make sense for all species alive today, including those from the past, dinosaurs, and those critters yet to be discovered.

I don't think Darwin is a member of this forum, so trolling him isn't going to work. Just thought I'd point that out.

Did Charles Darwin have a moment when he coined the " phrase.

With words, labels and inovation he articulated Ns.

Without any human manipulation NS. With human manipulation by means of human selective breeding.

updateWith what is known about science today by experiance ; human selection before artificial selection.