Posted: Feb 01, 2023 8:26 pm
by pfrankinstein
BWE wrote:
pfrankinstein wrote:
BWE wrote:Yeah. I should have said it had because it eventually reaches resolution for most people.

Natural selection, Primal selection, which is most easily proven to be a real actual phenominon,?

Neither. They are models to explain what we see.

By reason , I'd have it that protoplanary discs exhibit the mechansm of "evolution.

A snapshot simulation clearly shows "descent" as in "down through time, modification by interaction, the resulting altered state rememberd and stored in the material itself. ; and then the next interaction; and so on "stratigrophy and solar systems.

The idea of " Primal selection" sir. A whimsy?

That is you do make the link between stratigraphy, the Earths core and the rings of Jupiter.?


Is there a common denominator to explain all three examples?

Just joining the dots together this end. Seemingly unrelated phenominon related and all that. Investigate.

That can't be related to that. The Wolf-the king Charles spanial. Chimpanzees. bah. The cosmos at large and biology.

A disconnect. Not part of the same system. The potential of the later not evident in the former.