Posted: Feb 22, 2023 10:04 pm
by pfrankinstein
romansh wrote:
pfrankinstein wrote:
A question for everyone. Good bad you know....

A question for you ... do snowflakes replicate?

:cheers: My reality sir. ... this is my explenation;; to myself for myself. There is logic in my reasoning.

Why do the majority belive NS came from nowhere?

How many chapter types of selection employed in breeding a thouroghbred racehorse.?

Is NS a culmination of the three? Part primitive, part natural part human.?

We give way to our primitives aspect. past. Manifest destiny. ... By means of Human selection. War.

From a broud base evolution; thinkers from everywhere all over the globe. The more types the better none by stress..

The threat of nuclear war very much on the minds of our children.