Posted: Mar 22, 2023 7:31 pm
by pfrankinstein

To reduce the formidable phenominon everybody calls " Evolution to its baseline meaning.

To define the phenominon and dispense with "slang terminology. 155 years of slang. Enough.

The proposal Evolution is a "process" is widely accepted, so I have nothing to prove.

Some set no stall by the nugget ; me I see A valid line of enquiry. Evolution = process. A possible law.

A perfectly rational line of enquiry.

Some may see me as merely regurgitating Darwinian sentences lables a phrases.

in fact The reason I echo Darwin is to show the relation between the seperate "chapter processes.

Of prominence, the factor NS. Of prominence the laws of physics = Primal selection.

Treated as the result; a calculation made by Nature. Natural selection can be used As a pivot.

One can ask what other prominant types of selection explain your reality.

Do you see how " human selection becomes relevant. OF prominance.

No mix up in my mind. Artificial selection is human selection. :naughty:

The actual chronological "observation is as I have explained. Look at it as refreshing update. :cheers:

Time out for a while. Thankyou.