Posted: Apr 03, 2023 2:09 am
by pfrankinstein
THWOTH wrote:
pfrankinstein wrote:
Flippant Thwoth reminisant of thrower. Off hand sounding smart but not addressing any specific point.

If you made a point it would be addressed, but your philosophy has no points, and absolutely no predictive or explanatory power. It is, quite literally, pointless.

I'm afraid this is down to your failure Paul, not just your failure to explain yourself cogently, but the basic failure of your philosophy to meet even the lowest requirement for it to be the 'theory' you repetitiously assert it to be. Your methods of analysis, such that they are, rest entirely upon your personal suppositions and, for want of a better term, poetry, and you appear reluctant to even attempt to challenge them yourself, let alone falsify them. Please do not kid yourself that your failure here is down to others lacking the cognitive resources to understand you.

It seem to me that what you chiefly wish to gain from this discussion is attention - an opportunity to bolster your self-image as a person with access to a self-declared, self-authorised, yet unacknowledged truth. But it is not your philosophy which is at the centre of this discussion Paul, it's just your desire to be noticed.

More thrower flavoured bilge from "froth or whatever you call yourself.

There will by no direct counter argument to my claims , especially the proposed "chart showing the movement of selection".

The charlatans who have written vast amounts of fiction about NS being a metaphor will not like the "chart because it can be observed by everyoneand shows them for who they really are. Thrower should be charged with fraud.So many under his spell.

:naughty2: No type of selection before NS what a croc.