Posted: Jun 20, 2010 9:36 pm
by Dr. Nancy Malik
TMB wrote:No issue with allopathy being able to smash bacteria with the wonders of antibiotics, but how will it deal with the oversue of the drug and the inevitable arms race that ensues when treating this way, as bacteria become increasingly resistant. Not only this, also the damage caused by using antibiotics on the overall person. Allopathy is shortsighted as a result of the approach it takes, and is almost unable to treat the entire person. Even homepathy falls short of this ideal, to treat the entire person, simply due to logistics and lack of complete knowledge about any patient.

Not just anti-biotics but many other conventional medicines are over perscribed ... _label.php

Conventional medicine's approach is of compartments. Cardioligist is looking after heart compartment. Gastreontologist is looking after .......and so on, as if different compartment has nothing to do with each other.

Gray`s anatomy textbook says :“Unfortunately and perhaps particularly in the medical sphere, the compartmentalisation of anatomy into several disciplines or subjects – with attendant titles, individual chairs and even separated depts.—tends towards disintegration.”