Posted: Jun 21, 2010 12:06 am
by Shrunk
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote: I repeat. Many things in this world cannot be explained by 'science' and that is the beauty of the wonder of life. You can either live in the mainstream and wait until its widely accepted, then you believe it, or you can look back thousands of years and believe what your forefathers believed before 'science' came along.

You keep contradicting yourself. First you say that "Real science is homeopathy", but then you say we shouldn't trust science. If science says homeopathy works, and science is always wrong, then that means homeopathy doesn't work, doesn't it?

OTOH, if your position is that homeopathy has no scientific evidence to support it, and people who use it are just blindly and randomly trusting their health to a bunch of magical rituals with no evidence to back it up, then we can end this discussion on a note of complete agreement.