Posted: Jun 21, 2010 5:52 pm
by Dr. Nancy Malik
OHSU wrote:
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote:Conventional doctors perceive the body as a physical and chemical entity, much like a mechanic would view a machine. Using this “mechanistic” approach, their concern is to examine these structures using a variety of technologies such as X-rays, MRI’s, CT scans, gastroscopes, colonoscopes, biochemical lab tests and the like.

And how is that a bad thing? What is the body, if not a physical and chemical entity? What is disease, if not an alteration of a chemcial or physical process in the body? How does one discover the cause of a disease if not via examination of the body's physical and chemical processes?

Homeopathy medicine works at the energy level and is much more faster and safer. It needs a different mind set to understand homeopathy where as a materialistic mind can easily grasp conventional because its healing system basically hovers around the body and the organs and its dissection, anatomy and physiology. It does not take the mind, the thoughts, the emotions, its consciousness, its dreams, its waking, sleeping, into consideration while treating the body.

The body is all they see, the body is all they treat, and the body is all they cut into pieces ultimately and once nothing is left behind for surgery, look upto homeopathy to heal.