Posted: Jun 21, 2010 6:10 pm
by RPizzle
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote:
RPizzle wrote:
Dr. Nancy Malik wrote:

Homeopathy medicine for various disease conditions ... dence.html

Looking at the list of conditions in which homeopathy treats (from the site provided):

Dry mouth

HIV infection

While I think I can work out the mechanism in which homeopathy fixes the first condition, could I get an explanation on the mechanism for the second one? ... 5/2/221#T2 ... d_RVDocSum ... d_RVDocSum ... d_RVDocSum ... d_RVDocSum ... 31175.html


Two of these links seem to deal entirely with attitudes of medical practitioners in India, while another appears to be an abstract for an AIDS conference.

Of the remaining three links, only one provides information as to what homeopathic substance was used. Here is that abstract.

Abstract wrote:
The tumoricidal and antiviral effects of Staphylococcal toxins are well documented. In a preliminary study we investigated the immune modulating properties of these toxins by administering single oral doses of a 12c potency of a lysate of Staphylococcus aureus Cowan I, to 4 healthy probands and 12 HIV infected patients with clinical symptoms. We observed a decrease of circulating immune complexes in the healthy probands as well as in the HIV positive patients, accompanied in the latter by a significant increase of CD4 lymphocytes, CD4/CD8-ratio and an improvement of the HIV related symptoms. None of the dose dependent toxic effects commonly found in Staphylococcal sepsis were noticed. Further research on the immune modulating effects of potencies of bacterial superantigens is suggested, especially in view of a possible treatment for HIV infected and other immune compromised patients.

This is the only paper in which a mechanism could potentially be provided, since the others didn't list the substances used, and aren't available free full-text. What we are given is that Staphylococcal toxins are antiviral. There is no mention, however, of HOW 12c potency Staphylococcus actually affects the HIV virus.

Do you have any homeopathic remedies which can show an actual mechanism which interacts with the HIV virus?