Posted: Nov 13, 2010 6:52 pm
by darwin2

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Does death end consciousness or does consciousness continue after death?

If atheists are correct the reality is simply that death ends it all and consciousness ceases at death. This means that when we die the following takes place. THE SHOW IS OVER! THE CURTAIN HAS COME DOWN! LIGHTS OUT! THE END!

However, if consciousness continues after death, the evidence atheists demanded on the issue of post-mortem survival of consciousness will now be available. After the death of their physical body, atheists will now have to deal with the reality that they are alive and conscious in an after death dimension. Most likely the shock of this new reality will “probably”leave an atheist confused and a little frightened. I suggest the following SCIENTIFIC STRATEGY to guide an atheist through this new experience:

1. Own up to the reality that you are now living in an after death state dimension.

2. Don’t panic.

3. Remember in your previous physical life you were able to do critical thinking and you were able to form hypothesis and theories and able to test your conclusions to ascertain if they were valid or invalid. There is no reason to think these critical thinking skills will be lost here and these skills are “probably” the only things you can take with you when you die.

4. Implement the Scientific Method:

Ask a question.
Do background research.
Construct a Hypothesis.
Test your hypothesis by doing experimentation.
Analyze your data and draw a conclusion about its validity.
If your data supports your conclusion report your results.
If your data shows your conclusion is wrong, try again.

5. While experimenting be aware that your reality“may be” a direct product of your thinking. Whatever you think “may” manifest into reality. So get rid of stupid thoughts like you are in the burning fires of hell and stop visualizing any thoughts of demons tormenting you or some god judging or punishing you now. Challenge any hallucinations you are experiencing. If some demon or god is giving you a hard time, give that demon or god the finger and rush right through it. You will “probably” find these stupid illusions quickly disappearing.

6. While experimenting try something positive by visualizing a peaceful and beautiful environment and you “will probably” instantly be in that place. At this point you will now “probably” realize that your mind dictates what you experience and that you are in total control of your mind and therefore in control of your experiences.

7. Now continue to use the SCIENTIFIC METHOD to explore this new reality. The universe is yours to explore. You are now“probably” going to meet many other intelligent beings some more advanced than you and some not as advanced than you. Your critical thinking skills will enable to figure out the more intelligent ones from the less intelligent ones.

8. If the above happens, you are “probably” now on the road to discovering the Ultimate Truth about the universe and your journey should be extraordinarily ecstatic, extraordinarily fascinating and extraordinarily joyous.