Posted: Nov 14, 2010 1:20 am
by darwin2
my_wan wrote:
darwin2 wrote:
IIzO wrote:Hm ,why would an atheist believe that conscioussness end with "death" ?

I am not an atheist so you will have to ask an atheist that question.

Problem is most of us know atheist who believe in an afterlife. So then why do you say atheist believe that conscioussness end with "death" ? Perhaps you pulled that claim from a dark smelly place?

That's very interesting. I have never met an atheist that believes in an after-life. Obviously you have. If some atheists believe in an after-life, they should be able to describe in some detail what the after-life is like. Since you have met these atheists, I would appreciate it if you describe their thoughts on the after-life and give me their scientific evidence to support an after-life.