Posted: Nov 14, 2010 3:19 am
by Weaver
darwin2 wrote:
Weaver wrote:How do you assess the probability of your suggested techniques?

How do you know, for example, that rushing through demons will "probably" cause them to disappear, rather than give you a headache and a pissed off demon? How do you know that visualizing a peaceful place "will probably" cause you to instantly be in that place?

Read my post correctly. I never said I know. I would not use the word "probably" If I knew that as a fact. I am expressing an opinion and not a fact.
Actually, I did read it correctly ... though you are expressing opinions in many places, once you get to your scientific method analysis, you state that various things will "probably" occur. This is a value judgment whereby you assess one potential outcome to be more likely than another. I want to know how you arrived at the values for your judgment.

As far as assessing the probability of my suggested techniques, the probability at this point in time based on the scientific evidence available is that there is a 50% chance of consciousness ceasing at death and a 50% chance that consciousness continues after death. If I find myself conscious after death, I will use the Scientific Method to explore this after-death reality I find myself in and i believe the Scientific Method will lead me to the truth whatever the truth turns out to be.
Please provide the scientific evidence that the likelihood of consciousness continuing after death - after REAL death, not "clinical death" which is an alive brain in a body with a stopped heart - is 50%/50%. That is a huge probability for a very, very unlikely event - I and others would really love to see the evidence you have.